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Dental health tips for pre-schoolers

Dental Health Information

  • You should brush your children’s teeth and encourage them to learn how to brush correctly, using a small pea-sized quantity of low strength fluoride toothpaste.
  • Most importantly, avoid sweet snacks and sweet drinks between meals. The possibility of tooth decay is directly related to the number of times sweet things are in contact with the teeth.
  • Seek your dentist’s advice without delay if your children’s teeth become damaged — whether loosened or just chipped.
  • If a baby tooth is dislodged, do not attempt to straighten or replace it. Take the child to your dentist straight away.
  • Nowadays, dentists concentrate on preventing dental disease. Ask your dentist how frequently your children need a check-up so that problems can be detected early enough to allow the dentist to prevent them without the need for fillings.

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