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Dental health tips for primary schoolers

  • Supervise toothbrushing with a fluoride toothpaste, especially after meals, and teach your children to use dental floss as they get older. Good oral hygiene at an early age will reduce the likelihood of dental disease and set up good oral hygiene habits for life.
  • Avoid between meal snacks of sweets, sugary foods and sweetened drinks as they cause tooth decay. Be aware of what your children eat and drink at school.
  • Have your dentist make your children mouthguards for sporting activities. A custom-made mouthguard fits better and is much more comfortable than one off-the-shelf, so your children are more likely to want to wear it. You can even have mouthguards made in their favourite colours.
  • If your child’s teeth become damaged in any way, take the child to your dentist immediately.
  • If a tooth is knocked out:

    • If it is clean, place it straight back in its socket.
    • If it is dirty, wash it in milk — if milk is not available, use water but only for a few seconds.
    • Do not scrub the root surface and try not to touch the root.
    • Having removed any debris, now try to replace the tooth in its socket.
    • If you can’t replace it, wrap the tooth in plastic wrap or store it in milk. Most importantly, get your child to a dentist immediately, with the tooth.

    Take your children for regular check-ups. To prevent decay, your dentist can apply fluoride solutions
    and/or seal small pits in the enamel which are prone to decay.
    Remember, at this age, teeth are often crooked. Ask your dentist if any corrective treatment is

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