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General Safety Rules for Staff

Cornerstone Dental is committed to providing a safe work-place for all staff and employees. We have taken all possible precautions and followed all the guidelines as recommended under the Federal and State rules and regulations.

We expect that staff, in turn, accept their responsibility to work safely. This means working intelligently, with common sense and foresight. All employees are expected to follow the set safety standards which apply to our organisation, and adhere to all regulations as set out by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Any injury to an employee may cause physical suffering as well as loss of income and productivity. It may, additionally, damage the morale of the work group. The following rules are common sense and should be followed by all employees.

  • Keep working areas clean at all times. This reduces the chance of any injury and also makes the area a more attractive environment to work in.
  • Always wear the appropriate safety equipment when doing any hazardous work. You will be supplied with this if required.
  • Do not run in the office, particularly in areas of production or storage.
  • Where footpaths have been identified and clearly marked, please use them.
  • Do not smoke throughout the building and, when smoking outside, make sure that you leave that area safe and clean.
  • Have respect for electricity – do not overload any outlet. Never have any electrical wires rolled up (such as extension leads) – they may create heat and cause fire danger.
  • Be aware of hot water temperature and especially boiling water from kettles and coffee machines.

Report ANY injury immediately, and process the appropriate report. It’s in everybody’s interest! If you notice a condition or practice that seems unsafe, you should immediately discuss this with your supervisor, or readily correct it yourself if it is personally safe to do so.

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