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Why is it so important to have regular check-ups?

During your check-up, Dr Wainwright will examine your teeth and ask questions in a similar way that a GP would if you had a medical examination. The dentist starts by conducting a full check of your dental health including gums and soft tissue, chart all your teeth including existing fillings, and identify potential problems. But if disease is present, we can’t just treat the symptoms without questioning what could have caused it in the first place. Like a detective, your dentist will assess risk factors. They will examine:

  • Your diet
  • Your exposure to fluoride
  • The amount and consistency of your saliva
  • Your plaque control
  • Any medical history that may impact on your dental health
  • Any stress or changes in your life
  • Existing dental problems
  • Your attitudes to oral health

We emphasis on prevention and early intervention to identify dental disease before it develops. With today’s dental technology, if early decay is detected we can use non-surgical means to control and arrest disease. This may mean prescribing remineralising cremes, high strength toothpastes, or other changes to your regular oral hygiene practices. The dentist will then work with you to provide a personalised treatment plan to prevent any existing dental decay from progressing.

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